Viz Reflection Week 5

Update History:

  1. 2017-02-17 /First draft/


What three years and 75,000 shows in New York tell us about the chance your favorite band will succeed.

Welcome to the Viz Reflection series, this is the issue 5, today we will talk about a very cool viz design of 75,000 shows in New York in past three years (events data from I like it because this web viz project has many excellent perfect detail, so follow my word to know this viz.

First, the viz is a spin loop with countless dots, and the note told us, they are the 3,180 bands that played multiple shows from 2013-2016 (band named Sylvan Esso was one of them). Then, with we scroll the screen, the second moment appears, with the fancy transition animation 400 dots (bands which a capacity greater than 700 peoples) move to the inner loop with light green color. Finally, only 21 bands reached the level “Making it“ which means a show of over 3,000 capacity as well as they are famous bands.

Three moments of the spin loop viz.

In this viz, the logic of the visualization is very clear, and the notes also told us the background info of the bands shows, after that in the BIG session, the live music can be played with one click, it is awesome.

In the middle of the page, there is the viz of the bands road from small venue to big. the green and pink color means different show way, the size of circle means the capacity.

The road of band from small to big.
I like this because it is clear and simplicity, the three section divided by BLACK / WHITE / BLACK background, very smart.

The authors didn’t leave other bands away, the third viz looks like a database of the whole band dataset, and user can even search the band they interested in, and the info of them are all ready.

Bands show info dataset with a search.

Because of I’m a fan of movies, this vsiulazion also inspired me to reproduce this for the movie box office.