Viz Reflection Week 4

Update History:

  1. 2017-02-12 /First draft/

Good Viz Design: Four Years of Vacations in 20,000 Colors

Welcome to the Viz Reflection series, this is the issue 4, today what I am talking about is a very interesting viz design of trip colors from the photos taken in vacations.

The author of this viz is a designer who loved traveling, since graduating college, she made it a goal to travel abroad every year. Over the last four years, she accumulated about 4000 photos over the course of 13 trips. these photos were extracted by five primary colors from each, for a total of roughly 20,000 single colors.

Now, let’s check this interesting visualization based on the huge color library.

First, how to read the rings:

The priority of a good data visualization is the concise instruction about how to read this viz. This color visualization made it, at first, there is a legend of the rings which is the assist element:

  • The thickness means the travel companions,
  • The red color means travel with her boyfriend,
  • A solid dot means the topic of a day,
  • The light grey wide ring means the division of every single day.

Then, some examples

static display

hover interaction display

The Static display showed the audience the overview of these 13 trips in 4 years, and the interaction can helped us to know the details of every trip, like who with her, the topic of that day.
For example, we can find the total 13 trips she traveled, sometimes with friends, sometimes by herself, and half of these trips she been to with her boyfriend, who became her husband after the third trip where we can see the solid white dot which showed the the wedding day in the third ring.

If I have this travel history visualization, I can easily find out the key points of every single trip, like:
Who traveled with me, or I visited.
What is the topic of that trip on that day.
When I got the destination, and how long I stay.
Why that trip is important for me.
Where I have been to.
How the photos looks like, more landscape or food.

I love this visualization even there are some improvement should be take care, like the current size of every trips rings is not big enough to see the photo color details, like there should be more information explain of the color inside the ring. It’s because I am a traveller and a man love take photos too (here is my 500px photo gallery), this visualization inspired me to make my own travel history visualization.