- How to install packages

  1. Open the command palette (ctrl+shift+p)
  2. Search for: Package Control: Install Package
  3. Search for:

- MarkdownLivePreview

  • Install MarkdownLivePreview
  • Use alt+m to enable MarkdownLivePreview

一个前端程序猿的Sublime Text3的自我修养 | 三省吾身丶丶

settings/MongoDB.sublime-build at master · mrfuxi/settings · GitHub

Every language has it own line-comment & paragraph-comment

Pasted Graphic.tiff

Tips-Sublime Text 3

Emmet uses CSS-like selector syntax, You write CSS-like abbreviations, place your cursor at the end of abbreviation and then press Tab , Ctrl+E or any other keyboard key configured to expand abbreviations into actual HTML code. Emmet expands a into \\ .Dec 5, 2013