My name sounds like the most famous Kongfu master, Every Chinese know him, you can also call me

About Congyang
Hi there, I’m Congyang Wang (王从阳), Developer and Blogger live in Worcester MA.

WANG Congyang
[wɑŋ tsˈuŋ yɑŋ]

↑This is my card, If you like it, feel free to download it to your phone, keep in touch, my friend!

About Wang’s Odyssey

  • Acknowledge

    • First, I should thanks for the 小土刀 (王达) 同学 (His Blog),He is a very smart, hard working guy with passion of change the future world, I got the inspiration of this blog from him, I still remember that day we met in Guangzhou, with Dim sum before I came to US, of course I learned a lot from him, as a role model for me, it’s my pleasure.
  • What should be here:

    • Think
    • Story /article with a quote on the top/
    • Practice
  • Blog Change-log:

    • 2016-12-10 / Draft of blog.
    • 2017-01-05 / Finish the github deploy with Hexo blog platform.
    • 2017-01-06 / Choose the hexo theme NexT (the current one).
    • 2017-01-07 / Test every function&feature in this theme, improve the blog details.
    • 2017-01-13 / Improve SEO of blog of google & Baidu.
    • 2017-01-16 / Add css style to show the words background color.
    • 2017-02-01 / Adjust the layout of blog menu, archive, add List, which shows the movie/book/game/gear, etc.
    • 2017-02-24 / Fix the about page list bullet display.
    • 2017-03-06 / Adjust the display of blog web, like color and font.
    • 2017-07-05 / Change the theme to the tranditional layout
    • 2017-10-04 / Add Baidu Echart interactive plugin.
  • Blog Next Move:

    • Improve the css display in pages.
    • Fix the sidebar hyperlink.

Release: 2017-03-206