Viz Reflection Week 1

Update History:

  1. 2017-01-22 /First draft/

Good Viz Design: An iOS App “Time”

Welcome to the Viz Reflection series, this is the issue 1, today what I am talking about is an app, its name is Time. I choose this topic because I love it of course, and it make me thinking, why this simple even crude work make me so nervous when I using it on my every task?


The story of Time is one that you’d expect to hear on stage at WWDC: two teenage developers, Shaan Singh (17) and Erik van Der Plas (15), create an app to help you be more productive. It’s up-voted on Product Hunt almost 650 times in two days and climbs the productivity charts in the App Store.

I use this app not o long time, it looks so simple and clean, so why I love this app as my important working assistant so much?
The answer is: it go straight to your heart, with the SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE viz methods:

Color Motion
Green: Beginning Water Flow
Yellow: Warning
Red: Ending

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools can help you to make a good looking and fancy viz, they may lead you to a wrong way and forget why you beginning. This app Time give me a punch, we need to stop chasing fancy, we need to learn one word: ENOUGH.
This smaller and focus task app shows us a good visualization design thought: Design for the Target. If you want show the audience more info then use layers interactive and other great ways, if you want show the spotlight, just make is simple and clean.