Growing Vocabulary Book

Update History:

  1. 2017-06-18 /First draft/
  2. 2017-11-02 /Monthly Update with November/
  3. 2018-03-21 /Monthly Update past five months/

This is my personal vocabulary book catalog collected by the Eudic / 欧陆词典.

Keep learning, Keep going

YEAR 2018

2018-Feb Count:35
2018-Jan Count:74

YEAR 2017

2017-Dec Count:124
2017-Nov Count:267
2017-Oct Count:326
2017-Sep Count:245
2017-Aug Count:264
2017-Jul Count:398
2017-Jun Count:258
2017-May Count:238
2017-Apr Count:613
2017-Mar Count:376
2017-Feb Count:372
2017-Jan Count:351