Data Visualization Final Project

Worldwide Migration Pattern

In this project, we aims to explore the migration pattern among the world.
Three visualizations as well as our demo video and process book are presented in this website.


World Map

The world map aims to convery a general idea for our topic. The blue means the movein volume is higher than moveout volume. The red means the movein volume is lower than moveout volume. The darker color indicates the larger gap between movein and moveout.You can also choose the decades. Use mouse over the country to explore the detail!

With the year change we can see the change of the migration pattern(especially Russia and Mexico). As expected, the North America, Oceania and Europe
are the main blue area. While the Asia, Africa and North America are the main red area.


Top Choice

The countries with large volume of immigration (larger than two million) has been demonstrated on the chord diagram. Select the country that you want to explore on the list box, or move your mouse over the chord, the overall spread of immigration have been displayed. Which country tend to have more and more outflow during time period? Which country is the top choice for immigrants? Explore by yourself!


Migration Details

This chart aims to show the migration pattern for each country in five decades in details. Use the brush or search for the country to explore!

In this visualization we can see that developed countries usually have positive balances while the majority of developing countries have negative balances



Visualization Video

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Our Team

This project is designed and developed for the final project of CS573 Data Visualization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Xiaoqun Wang, Yimin Lin, Congyang Wang

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