Congyang Release Note V3.0.4

From last month, I started to looking myself as as a product, of course I am the product manager. The release note was inspired by the apps on iOS. I believe the release note program can push me to be a better man.

Congyang: A person who gets things done.

Version: 3.0.4

Apr 2, 2018

What’s New

  • Start using the Timetrack to track my time consuming again.
  • Start using the Notion to create my personal wiki system as my knowledge base.
  • Start a Wang&Li HQ in Basecamp, look upon my family as a startup to manage all family and personal plans.

What’s Update


  • Spent too much time on the the game PUBG , the Youtube videos.
  • Spent very little time on the fitness exercises.


Version number (a.b.c) explanation.

  • a + b means my age. e.g 3.0.c means my age is 30.
  • c means the current month. e.g a.b.4 means it is the Apr release note.